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Interesting CSS styles

I thought I should write a post about the interesting CSS styles. But now I remember only a few styles which are something different, I will add more styles later.
1. selection style
::selection {
  background: #ffb7b7; /* Safari */
::-moz-selection {
  background: #ffb7b7; /* Firefox */

You can use these styles to change the text selection color. For example to see the text selection in red color, select the following line:
You will see text selection color as red for this line. Just try!
Select me! You will see text selection color as green for this line
Now try this line! You will see text selection color as blue
How is it? Cool uh!

I will add more styles to this post when I find something different.


Google Chart

I had a plan to add analytics to FlamesGame. But what anlytics? number of users, region, or something else, I got confused. At last I decided to show the percent of results the users are getting.

Then I started searching for any open source application or public API which provides or create chart. And I got Google Chart. Google provides a chart wizard, using that you can customize your chart. You just need to pass the data to the Google chart API and it will return the chart as an image.

Finally I implemented the Analytics using Google chart.



XUI is a light weight JS framework for mobile web. XUI mainly used with PhoneGap for Mobile app development. I used XUI for developing an PhoneGap android app for FlamesGame.

If you are implementing a mobile app using Phonegap, for the JS framework it is better to use a light weight JS framework. jQuery will be heavy for developing mobile app, but now they have jQuery for mobile also.

I added the fade in effect using the tween method of XUI. You'llget more animations from http://xuijs.com/docs/fx