Hi, I am Abhilash M A from Thrissur, Kerala, India.

I am working at Konexial, where we create technology to Drive LIFE through innovative ELD solutions for truck drivers. Right now using Vapor and Swift for the development.

I have 12+ years of experience in software development, where I have developed Web, mobile and desktop applications. I am a polyglot programmer who worked with Swift, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Objective C, Java, C# .NET, also the Web technologies like Vapor, Ruby on Rails, Django, ASP.NET. I am an AWS certified Developer Associate and experienced in DevOps activities.

I am a passionate programmer who loves Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have attended meetups (BRUG, KRUG, KeralaJS) and conferences (RubyConfIndia, DroidconIndia, JSFooIndia, AgileIndia).

I have mostly used Ubuntu, emacs, chrome for software development, currently working with Macbook Pro, Xcode, VS Code, Safari, Chrome. I read Ruby weekly, Hacker news etc to keep up-to-date with the programming tools and technologies.