Kubernetes cluster setup on AWS EC2


This is a blog post about the steps I have followed to setup a Kubernetes cluster from scratch by launching new Ubuntu 18.04 AWS EC2 instances, one for master and another for worker node. In this setup the Kubernetes cluster is using Flannel CNI plugin to implement the network for communication.


AWS CodeBuild Custom Notification Messages

Recently we got a chance to implement AWS Code Pipeline for a project. It has four stages: CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and Test using Jenkins. There was a requirement to enable notifications for each state of the stages. So we have created a SNS Topic and added subscriptions so that we can use this Topic in the AWS services to send the notification.


Apache External Authentication

I have created a web application which is a middleware situated between the mobile app and the webservice provider. Some requests should be handled by the middleware and some other requests should be forwarded to the webservice provider.


Distributed Job Processing with Celery

Recently I got a task to create a job processing application. The application will fetch the data from an API, parse the data, and create jobs for the data.

The job is to record a livestream using ffmpeg. There will be multiple jobs running simultaneously, so the idea is to create a distributed job processing application.


Front End App CORS issue in development environment

When you are developing a Front End Application or Single page application using Backbone.js, Angular.js or any other MV* frameworks, you might have faced the issue with CORS. You will face this issue if you are accessing the hosted web services (API) from your development environment because the domains are different.