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In my previous post I mentioned that I created a web application for Flames Game. So I was thinking about anything I can add to it apart from some new feature. Suddenly I got an idea to create an Android app. Actually I don't have any experience in Android app creation, but I have experience in Mobile app development with iPhone IOS and PhoneGap. The feature of PhoneGap is that it is a cross mobile framework. So I thought of developing Android app for FlamesGame using PhoneGap.

First I had to setup the development environment for Android. There is a good documentation in the Android website (Android Setup Documentation) which directs you to install/setup the environment. So I just mention what I did for the setup:

Then I created a new Android application by the guidance of this document. But I faced some issues while developing the app.
  1. Create an AVD: I was not able to create the AVD because while creating a new AVD it will ask for the target device, and it was a select box with empty option. Then I googled and found that I have to download the target Android API from the 'Available packages' section just below the 'virtual devices'. After installing those packages, I created the AVD.
  2. Change Android Emulator Language: The default language for the emulator was Chinese. I changed the language from the emulator itself by going to settings -> Language & Keyboard and check the Android Keyboard option.

Now I have a FlamesGame App for Android. So I tried to publish this app to the Android Market. But for publish a Android app you have register as a Android developer. So I uploaded the Android app for FlamesGame to the FlamesGame site.

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